Learn Forex: Trading candlestick patterns

Bullish  Hammer Occurs after a long downtrend and signals a trend reversal. The pattern comprises of a     single candle, and can be either bullish or  bearish. Criteria The candle is recognized when the open, high and close are almost similar and is recognized by a small body with a long lower shadow, at least twice… Read More »

SVSFX Review: Nice No Deposit Bonus to Get You Started

The Forex industry has been flourishing for a series of years by now, and it reached global proportions with the launch of online platforms. Many traders enjoy the benefits of trading wherever they want. If they want to see how the market in Asia works, no problem, they just register with a broker who provides… Read More »

Trade360 Review

Trade360 delivers the platform that is based on the crowd wisdom. For instance, the trader can see how other users evaluate the asset price, whether they open “buy” or “sell” position. The concept seems to be well-developed, this is why we decided to write the entire Trade360 review. About the Company As we have discovered,… Read More »