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Israel, the small but ingenious Start-up nation is home to the vast majority of FX brokerages, software companies, platform providers, affiliate marketers and innovations which drive the industry forward and help global companies stay ahead of the competition. Join the Forex Innovators in the home of all things FX …

It is widely known across all sectors of the FX industry that the vast majority of components which serve to make up today’s retail FX structure originate from Israel.

The small but ingenious start-up nation plays host to most of the large platform providers, brokerage solutions companies, payment processing firms, affiliate marketers and software developers which are utilized by both well-established and new firms globally today.
For this reason, LeapRate will host the first ever FX B2B event in Israel, in an exciting new format which focuses on providing an international audience with highly innovative methods of doing business with the companies which have led so many firms to global success.

Forex Innovators is the first in a series of completely new conferences, which are specifically designed to put an emphasis on networking, and on ensuring that company executives can get in front of the most relevant potential commercial clients, as well as taking a different angle in order to introduce new blood as well as engender the strengthening of relationships between the stalwarts.
On March 01st , 2015, influential industry leaders from around the world will convene at the highly prestigious DavidIntercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, where the Forex Innovators conference will commence.
LeapRate fully understands the necessity within all companies in the FX industry to have full ability to meet and conduct business with potential long-term partners. For this reason, the Forex Innovators conference will take a different form to any other FX conference that has preceded it.

After a very short keynote speech, the very first opportunity to conduct business will commence, in the form of a forum of 10 innovators within the FX industry who will demonstrate their specific innovation to the entire audience.

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